La compra pública es un asunto estratégico

Video de Colombia Compra Eficiente. Duration: 1:17play

Interview on public procurement - Uzbekistan

Head of the Department of the Public Procurement Abdullah Korkmaz. Duration: 1:33play

Instituto Nacional de Contratación Pública

This video describes the work of INCOP in Ecuardor (video in Spanish). Duration: 5:14play

Verifying social standards in public procurement

A movie by "The LANDMARK Project". Duration: 13:44play

Law Of The Land Public Procurement

Video from Rajya Sabha TV on the Public Procurement Bill 2012 in India. Duration: 26:33play

Seizing Ecolabelling and Sustainable Public Procurement Opportunities

Interviews after the Nordic Council of Ministers' seminar on Ecolabelling and SPP at Rio+20. Duration: 4:13play

FSC Involvement in Rio+20 - Highlights: The importance of Public Procurement

The importance of public procurement. Ruth Nussbaum, Director Proforest Duration: 3:36play

Guidelines on Sustainable Public Procurement by U.S.

This session provides an overview of the recommended guidelines for SPP in the U.S. Duration: 24:04play

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Task Force on Procurement in Cusco

Date: 2011-12-08 Photos: 11
group imageplay

PCDC Workshop - Johannesburg

Date: 2011-12-16 Photos: 11
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