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Analyze findings

Once the necessary data and information has been collected, usually from multiple sources, the assessment team will compile, summarize and interpret the results. The assessment team may find that the data and information gathered from different sources is incomplete or provides conflicting insights, especially with self-assessments and qualitative data, since individual perceptions are influenced by many factors. It is therefore important, regardless of the type of data and information collected, to get a variety of perspectives and take into account different points of view when formulating the assessment summary.


Typically an assessment report would include:

  • An introduction and background
  • An executive summary
  • A description of the approach
  • A presentation of the country context
  • An overview of the findings, including the emerging trends and issues (detailed data can be included in Annexes).


The assessment report can include recommendations for future actions or strategies, depending on the situation. It is later explained how to use the assessment findings to prepare strategic plans.




Sample Framework for a Procurement Assessment for an Organisation

Data Collection Worksheet

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