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A quick assessment

While it is recommended to follow all the steps presented here, in some cases it may be desirable to simply the process, for example, when the focus of the assessment is very clear, or when there are constraints in terms of time or capacity. The following are Tips for conducting a quick assessment:


1. Engage Stakeholders: Don't be tempted to skip this stage as it will probably lead to delays later in the process. Be creative on how to include them in the process.


2. Designing Assessments: The key issues to consider are whose capacities are to be assessed, what capacities and for what purpose. For a quick assessment use an existing assessment tool and keep adaption to a minimum.


3. Planning and Conducting: Plan for the essentials, who will do the assessment and how will it be resourced. Use experienced people. Adjust data collection - focus on quality and efficiency in collection and use web-based tools if possible. 


Download the file "Sample Terms of Reference for an Assessment" to support your work.

This can be adapted to a "normal" or a "quick" assessment.  When a quick assessment is needed, make time for stakeholder engagement, design and planning of the assessment. This will save time when conducting the assessment.



Sample Terms of Reference for an Assessment

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