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Sierra Leone

Comprehensive and wide ranging stakeholder engagement has been a key feature of the procurement reform process in Sierra Leone since 2002. The initial kick off was a multi-stakeholder workshop to create a common understanding and generate an initial action plan. The Reform Steering Committee recognised that there were a number of stakeholders with vested interests in the procurement system and considered it essential that they were not only supporting, but driving the process. Different avenues were used to keep them engaged in the process including newsletters, manuals and workshops.


Source: Strengthening Country Procurement Systems: Results and Opportunities, OECD-DAC 2011



The ultimate objectives of any reform process of the public procurement system are value for money and this is directly linked to the trust the private sector has in the system. In 2003, the government of Senegal decided to conduct an assessment of the procurement system with the full participation of all of the key stakeholders from the civil society and the private sector. Representatives from these sectors have been (i) sensitized during a national workshop aiming at informing these actors about the scope and practical details of the execution of the assessment, and (ii) actually involved through a Steering Committee responsible for conducting the assessment and monitoring the implementation of the recommendations following on. The modernization of the system has been successful implemented and one of the most important strengths of Senegalese Public Procurement System is the existence of an independent and financially autonomous Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARMP) with a tripartite board of directors of equal representatives of civil servants, private sector and civil society, self-nominated by each sector, and  empowered to regulate policy, carry out compliance audits (audits) and review complaints in procurement. 


Source: African Development Bank, 2011


Strengthening Country Procurement Systems: Results and Opportunities

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