Start a dialogue around procurement capacity development - assess procurement capacities - plan and implement capacity development initiatives - find resources on public procurement capacity development - and much more.

This app was developed based on the OECD/DAC publication A Practical Guide to Transforming Procurement Systems. It provides procurement practitioners, policy makers and advisors with guidance on the process of developing procurement capacities.



To navigate this guide, begin by selecting one of the following options:


  • Context or Approach (for background information and conceptual framework);
  • A step in the capacity development process (depending on your needs);
  • Utilize the guiding questions at the bottom to help you select the right step.





When you have selected the relevant step in the capacity development process, proceed by selecting a menu item. Under each menu item a number of expandable headers can be selected. You can always skip to another step of the capacity development process by clicking the relevant step in the top menu.



File collection

This online guide features close integration with relevant knowledge resources under each step of the capacity development process. These documents are divided in two categories, supporting documents and tools.


Under each step of the capacity development process you can add relevant knowledge resources to your file collection - a collection of files that are relevant to your situation and needs.




At any point you can jump to the file collection, add more resources if you want, and the download the resources as a ZIP file. Alternatively you can share a link to the file collection over email with your colleagues or other stakeholders.