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Through various events such as workshops and meetings facilitated by the Public Procurement Office in Serbia, procurement officers working in municipalities have had the opportunity to meet and share experiences. As a result an informal network has sprung up among the Procurement Officers where they use each other for support both relating to issues about applying the new legal framework in practice, but also relating to the challenges of changing attitudes within their organizations towards conducting procurement in a professional manner. As a next step the procurement officers are now working on formalizing the network and opening it to others by creating a procurement association.



The Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) in Kenya faced challenges in implementing their Strategic Plan 2010-14 mainly due to the lack of availability of financial resources - the levy on procuring entities provide for in the law did not materialize as expected. As a result they had to make pragmatic adjustments to the expectations, for example, relying on seconded staff from other ministries until such times as it was possible to recruit PPOA staff.


Source: Strengthening Country Procurement Systems: Results and Opportunities, OECD-DAC, 2011



Strengthening Country Procurement Systems: Results and Opportunities

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