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People and change

Change deals with people and in any change process there will be winners and losers and the balance of influence and power in and between individuals, organisations and groups of organisations will shift (source).


The evidence suggests that contextual factors relating to the informal institutions e.g. social and cultural norms such as those relating to family, kinship or patronage are generally beyond the short-term influence of individuals. However incentives (both positive and negative) for performance and change also exist within organisations, for example, due to the qualities of a leader, or well-motivated staff, though it can be difficult to sustain such situations in the long-term when they go against the grain of prevailing norms. Change readiness tools can help identify such factors.


Download the file "How to assess change readiness" to support your work.

Levers for change management

  • Incentives can be used to motivate and to increase performance.
  • Quick wins are visible initiatives that require a small investment, can be implemented quickly and communicate progress and which should be included in a strategy.
  • Clear Milestones allows key implementation stages to be identified throughout the process, these help recognise achievement and helps reduce reform fatigue.
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement is a critical element of managing change and should be a high priority activity throughout the implementation.
  • Leadership for change is about change agents at all levels in the organisation. These change agents need to be harnessed and supported throughout the change process.
  • Networking with others to share experiences on how to resolve challenges and issues relating both to technical and change management.



Tools for managing change are included below.


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How to assess change readiness

Capacity Development Practice Note

Leadership for Human Development

Incentive Systems: Incentives, Motivation and Development Performance

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