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Strategic planning

The strategic planning step starts form the assessment findings and identifies clear goals, objectives and actions for developing procurement capacities.


strategic planning overview


Considerations for planning

  • Clear ownership and commitment at appropriate levels of the "organisation" (this could be the government in the context of a national procurement system).
  • A clear and powerful vision for what the outcome of the transformation will be and communication of that vision including what is required in terms of "new" behaviors and approaches.
  • Clear links as to how the transformation relates to the core objectives and key strategic priorities of the "organisation".
  • A sense of urgency as to why the transformation initiative should be given serious priority.
  • Obstacles to change are addressed.
  • Achievement of "quick wins" and attention taken to anchor the change securely in the "organisational" culture as "the way we do things".
  • Effective engagement with stakeholders.
  • Effective project and risk management for the transformation with clear lines of responsibility and the initiative broken down into manageable steps.
  • Effective follow through to completion with adequate resources provided throughout.



Developing the strategic plan should be a flexible process that is a continuation of the assessment exercise and takes the factors above into account.


Download the file "Sample Terms of Reference for preparing a strategic plan"to support your work.



Sample Terms of Reference for Preparing a Strategic Plan

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