VACANCY: Procurement and supply management specialist


Duty station: Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti
Deadline: 20 February 2013


The Global Fund was created at the initiative of the G7 countries in order to use most efficiently the financial resources allocated for the prevention and the fight against endemic diseases and devastating as HIV / AIDS, Malaria and tuberculosis around the world; these three diseases kill over 6 million people each year and the numbers are growing.


With regard to the Republic of Djibouti, the Global Fund supports the activities of the fight against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis in 2005 with funding from two grants HIV (4 and 6), 6 rounds malaria and tuberculosis, round 4 is phase closing while six rounds AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are running their phase II.


Procurement represents a major portion of expenditure of the GFATM Project. The PSM Specialist is responsible for the successful delivery of the procurement services for the efficient implementation of the Global Fund grants. The PSM Specialist works in close collaboration with the Procurement Support Office in Copenhagen.


Duties and responsibilities

Procurement and Supply Management

  • Together with health sector specialists, undertakes quantification and forecasting (Q&F for health-related products.
  • Carries the responsibility within the UNDP Programme Management Unit for the Q&F.
  • Monitors and updates stock, consumption/distribution and pipeline information.
  • Ensures the secretariat of the Q&F working group, promotes the functioning of the same and disseminates data to all partners.
  • Develops, implements and updates procurement plans for health and non-health commodities including costing, reporting, scheduling for GFATM approval and internal follow up of procurement and contracting activities.
  • Plans work assignments to ensure timely delivery of results and performance,
  • Reviews specifications and terms of reference to ensure completeness, accuracy and compliance with quality standards.
  • Ensures proper tendering and bidding procedures, including submissions to the Local Contracts Committee and the Advisory Committee on Procurement, when needed.
  • Solicits and evaluates tenders to ensure overall competitiveness, quality and conformity to specified requirements.
  • Ensures compliance with GFATM/UNDP procurement guidelines.
  • Prepares (and/or updates) and submits a Quality Assurance Plan for GF health commodities.
  • Ensures implementation of all QAP activities.
  • Ensures that procured health products comply with international and national standards.
  • Coordinates timely delivery of goods and services.
  • Handles claims and claims statistics.
  • Ensures appropriate premises are rented/built for sensitive drugs and other health products
  • Oversees correct in and outstanding, storage and inventory procedures.
  • Oversees the correctness of data in the warehouse inventory system.
  • Set appropriate controls for proper tracking of goods from transport and handling to final destination.
  • Monitors suppliers' performance with respect to the quality and timely delivery of goods and services. Ensures quality review of submissions to the ACP.
  • Ensures management of assets procured under GF grants.
  • Prepares and updates the PSM risk management plan and ensures its implementation
  • Liaises with GFATM on all policy related matters regarding procurement,
  • Ensures Sub Recipient contract related activities as capacity assessment, procurement process, evaluation of the proposals, develops contract conditions and ensures contract management, supervises PSM related reporting and evaluates contract performance in collaboration with M&E team of the Management Unit.
  • Provides information and communicates with UNDP HQ (LSO/PSO) on GF and PSM related issues and provides data to the program coordinator for communication with the GF.

Financial Management

  • In collaboration with the finance manager, oversees financial flows related to procurement. Ensures reconciliation between inventory and accounting system data.
  • Prepares PSM overall and annual budgets as well as specific sub programme budgets
  • Monitors PSM plan annual and overall budget and expenditure
  • Monitors QAP budget and expenditure
  • Ensure communication with LFA and other GF entities and ensures responses and clarification
  • Ensures correct and timely payment for logistics services in close collaboration with the CO's Finance Unit.

Knowledge Management

  • Identifies areas for capacity development in the area of PSM
  • Disseminates best procurement and supply management practices on local level.
  • Customizes and develops procurement-related training material to contribute to capacity building at local level.
  • Shares experience/ best practices with PSO, PNLP and eventually on the procurement network

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