2nd Pan Asia-Africa RBM&E Forum


In November 2012, the first Pan Asia-Africa Results-based Monitoring and Evaluation (RBM&E) Forum focused on M&E Effectiveness was attended by almost 100 delegates. These included a wide range of stakeholders, from national partners through private sector organisations, M&E consultants, researches and donor organisations.


This year's Pan Asia-Africa RBM&E Forum is themed "Measuring Effectiveness and Value for Money" and has the following objectives:

  • To provide opportunities for delegates to learn about RBM&E and the Forum's main theme 
  • To provide a forum for delegates to share their knowledge and experience about introducing effectiveness and VfM measures 
  • To encourage delegates to learn about and share their favorite RBM&E methods and tools that others may also find useful, especially in relation to the Forum's main theme 
  • To provide opportunities for delegates to assess the effectiveness of RBM&E in their own organizations so that they can use this as a baseline for the development of more effective RBM&E systems. 
  • To assist delegates to identify the most suitable effectiveness and VfM approaches that could be introduced into their organization 
  • To introduce practical RBM&E software solutions that may be used by delegates in their own organisation's to enhance the effectiveness of their RBM&E systems.

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