VACANCY: Procurement Specialist (Supply Chain Management and Logistics)


Duty station: Geneva, Switzerland

Deadline: 7 March 2013



As of early 2012, UNDP served as the Principal Recipient for 65 active HIV, TB and malaria grants funded by the Global Fund in 29 countries. UNDP also provides capacity support to a number of national entities managing Global Fund grants directly and Country Coordinating Mechanisms. In its role as PR, UNDP is responsible for the financial and programmatic management of the grant, as well as the procurement of health and non-health products. In all cases, the implementation of the grants must be done in accordance with UNDP policies and procedures as well as the policies and guidelines of the Global Fund.


In addition, UNDP provides capacity support to a number of governments who are managing Global Fund grants directly. In the last few years, UNDP has expanded this capacity development role and is presently providing technical support to a number of countries in the areas of project planning, sub-grant and contract administration, financial administration, procurement, and monitoring and evaluation.


Given the importance of the partnership with the Global Fund, UNDP continues to strive towards providing high value-added services to governments and the Global Fund, both in its role as the PR, and, increasingly, as a significant technical partner to governments implementing Global Fund grants.


The Procurement Specialist will focus on supporting UNDP's partnerships with the Global Fund. Under the overall guidance and supervision of the Cluster Leader for the UNDP-Global Fund Partnership (HIV, Health & Development Group), the Procurement Specialist will be working as part of a team responsible for UNDP's strategic relationship with the Global Fund and other partners and will play an advisory and support role for UNDP Country Offices that are Principal Recipient or providing capacity support. The support role will involve travel to Country Offices.


Duties and responsibilities

Advisory and support services for procurement and supply chain management issues with the following key responsibilities:

  • Provide technical assistance to Country Office on pharmaceutical supply chain management;
  • Provide technical assistance to Country Office in the formulation of Procurement and Supply Management Plans;
  • Advise Country Offices on CAP and ACP submissions;
  • Advise Country Offices on best procurement and supply chain management practices; and
  • Build the capacity of Country Offices on procedures and best practices of procurement and supply chain management.

Monitoring of UNDP-Global Fund procurement activities with the following key responsibilities:

  • Prepare and review updated information on UNDP PR procurement and supply management plans;
  • Analyze UNDP procurement activities and the pricing structure;
  • Develop new information queries and documenting and present on UNDP's achievements in Global Fund programmes vis-à-vis procurement and supply chain management; and
  • Analyse and monitor in ATLAS the volume and specific content of UNDP's procurement activities with vendors.

Monitoring specific risk assessment model that allows COs to mitigate procurement and supply chain management challenges and improve quality assurance with the following key responsibilities:

  • Monitor quantitative questionnaire used as an assessment tool for the procurement capacities of UNDP country offices;
  • Monitor the procurement capacity of Country Offices on a regular basis by updated annually the information on the questionnaire; and
  • Ensure detailed procurement and supply chain management risk mapping of every grant implemented by UNDP.

Knowledge Sharing on procurement and supply chain management with Country Office staff with the following key responsibilities:

  • Ensure systematic knowledge sharing on procurement with Country Offices by assisting the Senior Procurement Advisor in the organization of all training workshops and in the development of knowledge tools. 
  • Provide regular updates on procurement tools, methods, and approaches relevant to procurement via the relevant UNDP knowledge network (globalfund-net); and
  • Actively participate in UNDP and other relevant external networks to promote capacity development in procurement and supply chain management and asset management.


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