Knowledge resource categories


Methodologies and Toolkits:

Methodologies and toolkits serving to assist public procurement reform activities, for example, procurement assessments. Documents directly discussing methodologies and toolkits.


Laws and Regulations:

Public Procurement Acts, Public Procurement Regulations, Standard Bidding Documents.


Procurement Instructions and Manuals:

Procurement personnel instructions on the procurement process. Bidders' instructions on the bidding process.


Assessments and Studies:

Assessments of national procurement systems. International or comparative studies of public procurement practices. Empirical studies of specialised aspects of procurement systems.


Policy and Strategy Documents:

Public procurement policies. Strategic plans of procurement authorities. Procurement reform programmes, International declarations and statements. Annual plans of procurement authorities. Procurement action plans and roadmaps. Procurement related guides and brochures.


Articles and Literature:

Academic articles on public procurement. Papers by researchers and practitioners on public procurement. Case studies and field accounts.


Relevant Websites:

Links to relevant websites, such as procurement authorities, procurement associations, and other institutions and organisations involved in public procurement.


PCDC Newsletters:

Newsletters from the Procurement Capacity Development Centre.

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